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Alarming Cases of Electrical accidents

The commission has observed with dismay the increasing electrical accidents in recent times in the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry.

In line with its mandate of ensuring that electricity is safe, reasonably priced, reliable and adequate, members of the public are advised to desist from using substandard electrical appliances and equipment.

The public is equally advised to always refer electrical works to only qualified personnel and use materials in accordance with the NESIS Regulation issued by the commission.

For the avoidance of doubt, all substandard and unsafe electrical networks energized by any Electricity Distribution Company (DisCo) are deemed to belong to that DisCo and the responsibility of the maintenance as well as safety of the public and its staff lies with the DisCo. This is in accordance with the relevant provisions in the Nigeria Electricity Distribution Code and the Nigeria Electricity Health and Safety Code.

The Commission urges the DisCos to adhere strictly to provisions of all the Technical Codes aimed at protecting life and property of both members of the public and staff. Stiffer sanctions await any erring DisCo that condones unsafe practices and networks that result in electrical accidents.

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