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Multi-Year Tariff Order (MYTO) II (2012-2018)


Welcome to the MYTO II section of the NERC website where all information relevant to the Tariff Review has been made easily accessible.

The MYTO (Multi-Year Tariff Order) provides a 15 year tariff path for the Nigerian Electricity Supply Industry. The MYTO Methodology sets out the basis and pricing principles underlying the MYTO. The Methodology can be downloaded by clicking here

>>  MYTO Methodology




Presentations on the Tariff Review were made at the MYTO Consultation Workshops and Power Consumer Assemblies and those can be found here:


Following the consultations, the input received from stakeholders and the general public were used to update the MYTO Financial Model (used to calculate the tariffs) and led to the creation of three new Tariff Orders (regulations officially issued by the Commission). Click below to download the MYTO2 Financial Model:



And click below to download the NERC Orders on Distribution, Genaration and Transmission Tariffs:

1.  MYTO 2 on Distribution 

2. MYTO 2 on Generation

3. MYTO 2 on Transmission

Also resulting from the Tariff Review is a new formula for allocating centrally-generated power among the 11 electricity distribution companies (a.k.a. Discos). The new load allocation is described in the following presentation:



Extracts of the Tariff Orders showing the retail tariffs to be paid by different customer classes from June 1st 2012 are presented below. It is important to note that the R1 customer class (representing lowest-income consumers) will no longer pay a fixed monthly charge so their tariffs will be lower in the new tariff regime than in MYTO 1.

This is as a result of a Federal Government subsidy and cross-subsidies from other customer classes. In addition, the Meter Maintenance Fee has been abolished for all customer classes.


A factsheet providing answers to frequently asked question about tariffs can be found by clicking here

Find below, additional information for new IPP plants.




Here is a List of Electricity Distribution Companies (DISCOs), their names, coverage areas and contact addresses.


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